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Ambient Assisted Living -
A communal living arrangement for independent seniors and seniors in need of care

We are creating a new form of assisted living environments for senior citizens from the age 70. This living arrangement is suited to seniors who wish to continue to or begin to participate in life more actively and who are striving towards sharing more time with others while staying independent at the same time.

Independence is being encouraged and maintained through the joint planning and assisted management of daily domestic tasks, such as deciding about the menu, cooking together with others or attending to minor errands. In this apartment-sharing community of seniors the members aim to support each other, while a team member is available for their support and to assist them with their care requirements.

In a community setting, many things can be examined together and attended to more easily, whereas they can often be perceived as overwhelming when faced with them on one's own. Once adjusted to a dependable but small communal living environment, an improvement of any health issues will often follow suit. Any newly emerging health issues can be compensated for much more easily in such a setting, and suddenly required changes in the living environment can more likely be avoided.

Community members are free to attend any of the regularly scheduled inhouse lectures, book readings, musical-/ singing or film viewing events according to their leisure and inclination. At other times they may wish to retreat to their own room within the apartment for some quiet time on their own. All events are planned in consultation with community members. The aim is for all members to feel at home and experience a sense of belonging, as well as knowing that they are in a safe environment that allows for an intensified sense of enjoyment and quality of life.

We are currently looking for a large 7-room apartment, as well as individuals who would like to move in!

In the case of a senior person or -couple who are already residing in such an apartment but are unable to maintain it without outside assistance, this could mean that they would be able to continue living in their comfortable and well-acquainted home. At the same time they would be cared for together with any additional members to the community household, as well as take part in the planning of the joint living situation and social activities.