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Bereavement Support Counselling -
Grief and the parting of loved-ones are a part of life.

In our societies, the subject of dying has largely been suppressed or placed under a taboo and as a result, we can no longer fall back on any formal culture of bereavement; yet the process of grieving is a natural response of body and soul to the experience of loss. The support carer provides the space for the grieving process of the bereaved and supports them through their fear and pain, enabling them to reestablish a healthy state of balance within themselves. The bereavement process never follows any fixed guidelines; it always determines its own pace and there is no right or wrong in its unfoldment.

Support for Relatives and Loved Ones

The end-of-life care process includes the availability of guiding support and councelling for relatives and loved ones, in keeping with their respective requirements and requests.

Healing means to embrace that which we fear the most; Healing is to open that which has been closed, the softening up of that which has been hardened to the point of being blocked. Healing is learning to trust life.

Jeanne Achterberg