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People who are affected by a condition within the dementia spectrum are special in the way in which their being shines through in a very open, honest and authentic way. When they are met with respect, openness and a high level of sensitivity for their internal states, a deeper level meeting with the intact part of their being becomes possible that would be considered miraculous under normal circumstances.

Biographical Work serves as a supportive tool for the exploration of the person's life experiences and circumstances prior to their developing dementia, in order to ensure that we can assist them in the best possible way.

Singing together: as the faculties for verbal expression are often lost early on in the course of developing dementia, the singing and humming of well known tunes from the past enables an alternative form of communication that takes place on a different level.

Letting the Soul Dance: When the faculties for the coordination between mind- and body functions have become impaired, the experience of dancing can still be perceived on an inner level.

Accompanied Church Services: Participating in a church service, listening to well known hymns and experiencing well rehearsed ceremonies can release blocked emotional energy and provide much welcome relief for the soul.

Music begins where language ends. E.T.A. Hoffmann