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Marianne Mittelstaedt

Marite Mittelstaedt was born in the United Kingdom in 1952. She has been living in Berlin since the end of 1964 and is the mother of two adult children. She has been actively involved in providing care for senior citizens since 1996, both at home and abroad. Since 2006 she has also gained training and experience in providing end of-life care for terminal patients. She is currently undergoing a two-year training course as a Midwife to the Dying (professional end-of-life care provider) with Claudia Cardinal.

Spending time with the elderly has always been a source of joy and inspiration for me. My grandmother in Berlin always used to tell me fascinating stories about her life experiences. She knew the people in her neighbourhood and their life stories well, and so I received an early introduction into the lives of these persons and into bygone times. In the course of my life I have always encountered people who felt naturally comfortable telling me about their life experiences and who would later thank me for patiently listening to their stories. I have always regarded their accounts as enriching experiences for me personally and gratefully accepted them as precious gifts - since they were the kind of stories that cannot be found in any history book. Later in life these stories would turn out to be a real blessing in my work as a carer for the elderly, as they helped me to naturally establish an easy connection with the individuals in my care and assisted me in maintaining mutually beneficial working relationships with them over time.