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Support Services for Senior Citizens

There are certain things that can feel overwhelming when dealing with them on one's own - while just a little outside assistance can make a huge difference, such as in:

  • going for a walk
  • taking a boat trip
  • visiting a museum or theater
  • listening to a concert or going to the movies
  • being accompanied to a Church Service
  • just chatting about anything while enjoying a cup of coffee
  • being assisted with planning and undertaking a small or larger family event
  • Cooking and baking together rather than alone
  • having your favorite meal or cake prepared according to your instructions
  • enjoying an outing - for half a day-, a full-day-, or a whole weekend
  • having someone with you at all times on a longer holiday, domestically or abroad.

He who develops the capacity for amazement and wonder, for experiencing joy, will continue to be young even at an advanced age. Plato